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        2004: passed the TUV ISO9000 quality system certification

        2006: awarded as "software technology enterprise" in shenzhen

        2008: amb-hvi high voltage inverter was rated as "key new product of guangdong province"

        2009: awarded as "high-tech enterprise", "top 100 private enterprises of bao 'an", "domestic general brand", "top 10 domestic brands satisfied by Chinese inverter users"

        2010: passed ISO9001 quality certification system; "Famous brand of shenzhen", "famous trademark of guangdong province", "innovation award of shenzhen science and technology", "major innovation award of shenzhen during the 30 years of reform and opening up", "new record of shenzhen enterprises" and other titles;

        2011: awarded the qualification of energy saving service company by the national development and reform commission

        2012: won "top 100 national energy saving service companies", "major scientific and technological innovation award", "top 10 national brands in China's electrical industry in 2012"

        2013: won the title of "2013 top 10 well-known inverter brands in China"

        2016: "shenzhen famous brand", "guangdong famous trademark"

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