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        Identify with the corporate culture and share the honor and disgrace with the enterprise

        2023-05-19 13:45:45

        Corporate Culture, or Organizational Culture, is an organization's unique cultural image composed of its values, beliefs, rituals, symbols, ways of doing things, etc. In a word, it is the various aspects displayed by an enterprise in its daily operation. Enterprise culture is the spiritual wealth and material form with the characteristics of the enterprise created in the production, operation and management activities of the enterprise under certain conditions. It includes enterprise vision, cultural concept, value concept, enterprise spirit, ethics, code of conduct, historical tradition, enterprise system, cultural environment, enterprise products and so on. Corporate culture is a people-oriented culture, the most essential content is to emphasize the core role of "people" in enterprise management. Enterprise staff quality is the concentrated embodiment of enterprise culture.


        We pursue a people-oriented, value-based organizational management model. In order to further improve employees' comprehensive quality, strengthening the construction of enterprise culture, according to the requirements of modern human resources management, functional job employee company recently organized a grooming, etiquette etiquette, behavior and so on to promote employees to self management and promote enterprise culture training, make employees have a better sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise.


        Appearance, that is, a person's appearance, including appearance, dress, behavior, posture, demeanor, etc. In government affairs, business affairs and social occasions, a person's appearance can not only reflect his cultural accomplishment, but also reflect his aesthetic taste. Dress well, not only can win the trust of others, give a good impression, but also can improve the ability to interact with people. On the contrary, improper dress and behavior often degrade you and damage your image.

        Although: "a person should not judge a book by its cover, sea water should not judge", but everyone in the society will judge you by your clothes, hairstyle, gestures, tone of voice, language all the time. Proper grooming will show your professional image and establish your personal style and culture. The enterprise wants to pack, the commodity wants to pack, the personal image also wants to pack. Personal image can truly reflect his personal education and taste, personal image also objectively reflects his personal spiritual outlook and life attitude, personal image also faithfully shows the degree of importance he attaches to his contacts, personal image more represents a part of the overall image of the enterprise.


        Etiquette, is people in the social interaction activities, in order to respect each other, in the appearance, appearance, manners, rituals, speech and mannerisms and other aspects of the agreed code of conduct. "Courtesy comes from the heart", a modern person with good civilization consciousness, courtesy is the essential basic education, must be the same inside and outside. As a language art, speech is also an important part of personal etiquette. As a Chinese saying goes, "it is not strange to be polite to many people".

        Good manners can win the kindness of strangers, the care of friends and the respect of colleagues. Etiquette is the embodiment of a person's comprehensive quality, is a person's inner quality and appearance characteristics of the beauty of harmony, comprehensive beauty, perfect beauty, but also represents a profound moral guidance. In the work to pay attention to their own etiquette also reflects their respect for the post, love the post, the high sense of responsibility and dedication to work.


        The code of conduct is the general name of the rules and norms followed by social groups or individuals in participating in social activities. Including code of conduct, code of ethics, administrative rules, legal provisions, articles of association and so on.


        In an enterprise, employees' behaviors reflect the culture of the enterprise to varying degrees, especially some habitual behaviors. Employee behavior norms are the common behavior characteristics and working habits that all employees should have. An excellent enterprise reflects its good mental outlook from the words and deeds of employees, behavior, dress to judge. Employees are the owners of the enterprise, is the soul of the enterprise. The good or bad behavior of employees directly reflects the face of an enterprise. It is particularly important to promote the code of conduct for employees to improve the communication and coordination within the company, enhance the cohesion within the enterprise, and improve the work efficiency and quality of the whole enterprise.


        Conclusion: the employee is the executor of the enterprise behavior. The appearance, etiquette and code of conduct in the work directly represent the comprehensive quality of the employee, which reflects the enterprise culture and affects the image of the enterprise.

        We should take the foundation construction and consummation of enterprise culture as the important event of enterprise seeking survival and development to establish brand constantly. Every employee should start from me, enhance the awareness of civilization, improve behavior quality, improve their own comprehensive quality, and gradually form the staff's self-values. When employees values are consistent with the company's core values, rules and regulations is back, the behavior of the institutional constraints have become the staff aware behavior, this kind of sense of responsibility has been melt in the blood, embodied in action, accompany in side, which is based on the values of organization control, is great power to push forward enterprise culture.

        A good sense of corporate cultural identity is helpful for employees to love their jobs and regard the honor and disgrace of the company as their own. The rise and fall of the enterprise is related to the fate of each of our employees. Employees are likely to benefit from a thriving business. Enterprises and employees are a community, enterprise growth, staff development; We should consciously integrate our own destiny with the development of the enterprise, and devote ourselves to every light and heat!



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