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        Selection principle and procedure of frequency converter

        2023-05-19 14:00:18

        The selection of frequency converter is a technical work, if the selection is not appropriate, the frequency converter may be damaged, serious will affect the normal production of the factory, so scientific and reasonable selection of frequency converter is crucial. The following list of inverter modeling principles for end-users reference.

        Professional people do professional things

        The selection of frequency converter is determined by the technical engineers of the manufacturer according to the actual situation of the site, which is not only accurate in the selection, but also conducive to the later debugging, installation and after-sales service.

        2. Functional requirements of load equipment

        According to the actual working conditions in the field (starting torque, response speed, speed adjustment accuracy, etc.), consider whether to choose general inverter, vector inverter or dedicated inverter, choose G machine (heavy load) or P machine (light load).

        3. Working current of ac motor

        Converter selection should be based on the actual working current of the motor to determine the power. In general, the rated current of the motor can also be used as the basis for the selection of frequency converter for fan and pump loads. In the case that the motor may be overloaded, the frequency converter selection usually needs to be used to enlarge the first gear.

        4. On-site installation environment

        When there is metal conductive dust on site, or the working environment temperature is too high, the selection of frequency converter needs to be careful. Need to have special space to place frequency converter at this moment, and the fan dissipates heat the function is good, decide frequency converter model to choose to be to hang a machine, cabinet machine or work frequency conversion one body machine.

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