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        Precautions for installation and wiring of the inverter

        2023-05-20 11:34:31

        The frequency converter is a power control device that uses frequency conversion technology and microelectronic technology to control the AC motor by changing the frequency of the working power of the motor. It has a wide range of applications, including conveyors, feeders, mixers, grinders, pulverizers, paper cutters, calenders, extruders, valves, compressors, cooling towers, plastic machinery, elevators, Cranes, oil pipelines, various textile machinery, etc. The vector inverter with speed sensor vector control method is mainly used for low-speed control of large-capacity motors and some applications with special requirements.

        Below, the editor will introduce the precautions for the installation and wiring of the inverter:

        1. Before wiring, please confirm that the input power is cut off.

        There is a danger of electric shock and fire.

        2. Ask electrical engineering professionals to perform wiring work.

        There is a danger of electric shock and fire.

        3. Grounding terminal-must be reliably grounded.

        There is a danger of electric shock and fire.

        4. After the emergency stop terminal is connected, be sure to check whether its action is effective.

        There is a risk of injury. (The user is responsible for wiring)

        5. Do not directly touch the output terminal. The output terminal of the inverter is directly connected to the motor. Do not short circuit between output terminals. There is a risk of electric shock and short circuit.

        6. Before energizing, be sure to install the terminal cover. When removing the cover, be sure to disconnect the power supply first.

        There is a danger of electric shock.

        7. Turn off the power, and wait 5 to 8 minutes to let the remaining power in the machine be basically discharged before inspection and maintenance.

        There is a danger of residual voltage on electrolytic capacitors.

        Wiring precautions:

        1. Please confirm whether the power supply voltage of the incoming line is consistent with the rated input voltage of the inverter. There is a danger of injury and fire.

        2. Connect the braking resistor or braking unit according to the wiring diagram.

        There is a danger of fire.

        3. It is best to use a specified torque screwdriver and wrench to tighten the terminal.

        There is a danger of fire.

        4. Do not connect the input power cord to the output U, V, W terminals.

        Voltage applied to the output terminals will cause damage to the inverter

        5. Do not disassemble the front panel cover, only need to remove the terminal cover when wiring.

        It may cause internal damage to the inverter.



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