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        Key points for operation and maintenance of inverters in summer

        2023-05-20 11:38:46

        Summer is the frequent season of inverter faults. The key to ensuring long-term stable and reliable operation of the inverter is daily maintenance. In order to ensure that the inverter can operate stably in high temperature and hot summer, it is reduced due to improper maintenance or on-site operating environment. Unnecessary unplanned shutdowns are caused. During summer maintenance of the inverter, users must pay attention to the temperature of the inverter installation environment and regularly clean the dust inside the inverter to ensure the smoothness of the cooling air path. Strengthen patrol inspection to improve the surrounding environment of inverters, motors and lines. Check whether the connection terminals are tight, ensure the correct and reliable connection of each electrical return, and prevent unnecessary shutdown accidents.

        1. Confirmation of inverter installation environment

        1. Ambient temperature: Inverters generally require a minimum ambient temperature of -5 ° C and a maximum ambient temperature of 40 ° C. A large number of studies have shown that the failure rate of the inverter increases exponentially with increasing temperature, and the service life decreases exponentially with increasing temperature. If the ambient temperature increases by 10 degrees, the service life of the inverter will be halved. In summer, when the temperature is high, condensation will easily occur inside the inverter, and its insulation performance will be greatly reduced, and it may even cause a short circuit accident. The ventilation and heat dissipation of the inverter installation site should be strengthened.

        2. Summer is a rainy season, and rainwater should be prevented from entering the inverter (for example, rainwater entering the wind downwind outlet)

        3. Corrosive gas: If there is corrosive gas in the use environment, it will not only corrode the lead of the component, printed circuit board, etc., but also accelerate the aging of the plastic device and reduce the insulation performance; if there is acid or alkaline corrosion around the inverter Sexual gas, please provide targeted solutions according to the actual situation on site.

        4. Vibration and shock: When the inverter cabinet is subjected to mechanical vibration and shock, it will cause poor electrical contact. Therefore, after a period of operation, the equipment should be inspected and maintained.

        2. Matters needing attention in daily inspection

        1. Strengthen patrol inspection and arrange a special person to be responsible for the daily maintenance of the inverter;

        2. Operation data record: compile the operation record table of the inverter, regularly record the operation data of the inverter and the motor, including the inverter output frequency, output current, output voltage and other parameters, and compare and compare with reasonable data to facilitate the early detection of hidden troubles.

        3. Ensure that the ambient temperature of the inverter room is between -5 and 35 ° C. Set a special person to check whether the cooling fan on the top of the inverter cabinet is normal and whether the filter of the cabinet door is clogged. Ensure the cooling air path is unobstructed. The specific method is: put a standard thickness of A4 printing paper on the filter screen of the cabinet door, and the paper should be adsorbed on the air inlet window. In order to ensure the smoothness of the cooling air path, the filter screen should be cleaned once a week. If the site environment is dusty, the cleaning interval should be shortened.

        4. Environmental monitoring: When the temperature is high in summer, the ventilation of the frequency conversion installation site should be strengthened. Ensure that there is no excessive dust, acid, salt, corrosive and explosive gas in the surrounding air. The inverter should be protected from direct sunlight or placed near the heat source; summer is rainy season, and rainwater should be prevented from entering the inverter (such as rainwater downwind) Enter through the air outlet).

        5. Check the tightness of all electrical connections, check that there is no abnormal discharge trace in each circuit, no

        Strange smell, discoloration, cracks, damage, etc.

        6. The inverter room must be kept clean and tidy, and it should be cleaned at any time according to the actual situation on site.

        7. The ventilation and lighting of the inverter room must be good, and the ventilation and heat dissipation equipment (air conditioning, ventilation fan, etc.) can operate normally.

        three. Items that need maintenance after the inverter stops

        1. Use a vacuum cleaner with a plastic suction nozzle to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the inverter cabinet to ensure that there is no excessive dust around the device.

        2. Check the ventilation and lighting of the inverter room, and the ventilation equipment can operate normally.

        3. Check that the connections between the cables inside the inverter should be correct and reliable.

        4. Check that all grounding in the inverter cabinet should be reliable, and the grounding point is not rusty.

        5. The nuts of the internal cable connection of the inverter should be tightened again every six months.

        6. Check the tightness of all electrical connections, and check that there is no abnormal discharge trace in each circuit, no strange smell, discoloration, cracks, damage, etc.

        7. After each maintenance of the inverter, carefully check for missing screws and wires to prevent short-circuit accidents caused by small metal objects. In particular, after making major changes to the electrical circuit, ensure that the electrical connection cable is connected correctly and reliably to prevent 'reverse power transmission' accidents.

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