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        AMB low voltage 300 series

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        AMB low voltage 300 series

        Based on high performance vector control and torque control frequency converter of core technology platform, the rotation of the superior self-learning and the self-learning function of the static, torque control function, can make all kinds of machinery and equipment running under the conditions of high efficiency and high precision, is widely used in paper processing, curly, lifting transport, metal lathe, food processing, etc.

        Technical performance:

        ◆ supports 220V,380V,660V and 1140V voltage classes

        ◆ applicable power: 0.75kw-2000kw

        ◆ no shutdown (instantaneous power loss of the power grid, no shutdown)

        ◆ high power (single machine 380V, 680Kw, parallel machine 2000Kw)

        ◆ high torque (low frequency torque 0.5hz 150% torque output)

        Anti-interference (software and hardware suppress strong interference and false alarm)

        ◆ more reliable (mature driver, protection circuit design, anti-interference design)

        ◆ control mode: open-loop vector control (SVC), V/F control,

        ◆ closed loop vector (VC), open loop torque control, position loop control

        ◆ starting torque: 0.5hz /150%

        Speed control range: 1:100 (SVC), 1:1000 (VC)

        ◆ steady speed accuracy: ±0.5% (SVC), ±0.05% (VS)

        ◆ voltage class: 220V, 380V

        ◆ super power drive technology: single machine 380V, 800Kw, and 2000Kw

        Instantaneous power loss of the grid does not stop

        ◆ torque control operation: the terminals support speed and torque control mode switching

        ◆ high reliability: mature and reliable drive, protection circuit design, anti-interference design

        ◆ closed loop vector control: with speed loop, current loop, position loop, can do zero servo control

        Motor parameters self-learning: rotation, static self-learning

        Automatic carrier adjustment: automatically adjust the carrier frequency according to the load characteristics

        Automatic voltage adjustment: when the network voltage changes, can automatically keep the output voltage constant

        ◆ automatic energy-saving operation: according to the load, automatically optimize the V/F curve to achieve energy-saving operation

        Software and hardware suppress strong interference and false alarm fault to ensure no tripping operation

        ◆ vectorized VF control: automatic torque lifting; Manual torque increased by 0.1% ~ 30.0%, the VF curve can be customized

        ◆ automatic current limit: automatic current limit is applied during operation to prevent frequent over-current fault tripping and realize no-tripping operation

        Low frequency and large torque stable operation under vector control, excellent control performance under vector control without speed sensor

        ◆ optional LED, LCD keyboard, parameters upload and download functions

        ◆ dual relay output: two channels 0 (4) ~ 20mA, 0 (2) ~ 10V analog output optional

        Reliable speed tracking function, can automatically identify the speed and direction of the rotating motor, for the direct start of the rotating fan

        ◆ completely independent intellectual property rights, can be customized according to customer requirements to develop support water supply sleep wake function



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