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        AMB160 series frequency converter

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        AMB160 series frequency converter

        The performance characteristics of

        ◆ control mode: open-loop vector, V/F control, open-loop torque

        Stable and reliable vector control without speed sensor, insensitive to motor parameters

        ◆ starting torque: 0.5hz/170%

        Speed control range: 1:100

        ◆ steady speed accuracy: +0.5%(open-loop vector)

        ◆ independent wind tunnel high protection design, PCB three-proof coating, to meet CNC machine tools and other harsh site

        ◆ motor oscillation suppression

        ◆ compact size, support guide rail installation

        ◆ adjust the carrier frequency automatically with the load, and the carrier frequency can reach 15k.

        ◆ rich terminal functions (6-channel digital input, 2-channel analog input, 2-channel digital output, 1-channel relay, 2-channel analog output, standard modbus communication)

        ◆ fast overcurrent suppression: hardware wave limiting, torque limitation, current limiting

        ◆ shuttle knob with confirmation key, easy to set parameters and adjust the frequency

        Strong anti-interference, long life design, anti-tripping, ability to adapt to harsh power grid, temperature, humidity and dust



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