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How to choose the speed control mode of general inverter

2023-05-20 13:58:18

How to choose the speed control mode of general frequency converter: general frequency converter is also called high performance frequency converter, PG free vector frequency converter, torque control frequency converter, why? Originally, the speed control mode is different, so how to choose the speed control mode of the inverter?

1. Speed sensorless vector control

It refers to the open-loop vector control, which is suitable for high-performance control occasions. One inverter can only drive one motor. Such as machine tools, centrifuges, wire drawing machines, injection molding machines and other loads.

2. Vector control with speed sensor

It refers to closed-loop vector control. The motor end must be equipped with encoder, and the frequency converter must be equipped with PG card of the same type as the encoder. It is suitable for high precision speed control or torque control. Only one motor can be driven by one inverter. Such as high-speed paper machinery, lifting machinery, elevators and other loads.

3. V / F control

It is suitable for the occasions where the load requirement is not high, or a frequency converter drives multiple motors, such as fan and pump loads. It can be used in the case that one inverter drives multiple motors.

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